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We Buy Tractors Help Center

  • How long will it take We Buy Tractors to contact me after pictures are sent?
    During office hours, we normally respond within a few hours with an offer. If we have to do research before making an offer, we normally respond within 2 days with an offer.
  • What happens after pictures is send to We Buy Tractors?
    We will make an offer. If you are happy with price, we will either ask you to send us a video on WhatsApp where you test the equipment, or we will send out one of our buyers to come and inspect. After this we will arrange a date for collection and pay your before we load.
  • Where does We Buy Tractors buy equipment?
    We buy equipment from anywhere in South Africa. We will collect on your doorstep and money will reflect in your account before we load.
  • Do We Buy Tractors provide cover prices to dealers on trade-ins?
    Yes, we provide cover prices on trade ins and price will be valid for 6 months to provide dealers time to conclude deals on new equipment being sold. This allows dealers to sell new equipment without the need to lay out capital on used equipment and concentrate all efforts on selling their own products.
  • Is there a limit on price or number of items We Buy Tractors will buy?
    No, we will buy any equipment from R500 to R5 million with no limit on number of items. We buy out complete fleets of commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors and earth moving equipment from clients needing to free up capital or upgrading their fleet. Immediate payment and we collect from you.
  • How long does it take from the moment I send pictures to receiving money in my account?
    We will usually provide you with an offer the same day. If accepted, we will either ask for a video or send out one of our buyers to view. We will then arrange collection with you. From receiving the pictures to money in your account can take from one day to two weeks, depending on your location and availability.
  • What condition equipment do your buy?
    We buy equipment in any condition. Working or not. Low hours to vintage equipment.
  • What does We Buy Tractors buy?
    Trucks, Earth Moving Equipment, Farming Machinery, Commercial Equipment, Generators, Parts, Boats, Jet Ski’s, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Helicopters, Motorbikes, Bakkies, Construction Machinery, Commercial Vehicles, Loose Items

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